Local  cooking  features  seafood  prominently.  Do  venture  out  to  the  outlying  islands,  such  as  Lamma  Island  and  Sai  Kung,  and  stopover  at  the  Jumbo  Kingdom.  Jumbo  is  an  icon  and  theme  park  at  sea  on  Shum  Wan  Pier  Drive,  Wong  Chuk  Hang,  and  Aberdeen.  When  you  place  an  order,  do  try  Stir-fired  Crab  with  garlic,  green  onion,  red  pepper,  etc.  It's  famous  enough  to  be  offered  in  all  Cantonese  restaurants  menus.
Add:  Lei  Yue  Mun,  Sai  Kung,  Lamma  Island


[ Dou Chi Crab ]


What to notice when eating seafood?

1. When eating seafood, you should have some vinegar or Chinese alcohol, but not beer, because a lot of uric acid can be created together by beer and seafood, which is bad for you health.

2. Do not have any cold drink, or watermelon, and do not swim right after having seafood.

3. Seafood contains high protein, so if you are allergic to protein please stay away from seafood.