Fish Ball

Fish  Balls  is  a  kind  of  typical  Hong  Kong  snack  which  made  of  fish  meat.  According  to  a  statistic  in  2002,  the  daily  average  consumption  of  Fish  Balls  in  Hong  Kong  is  55  metric  ton  (about  3.75  million  Fish  Balls).
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Fish Ball

[ A close look at fish balls. The skin is very smooth. ]

Two kinds of Fish Balls

hong-kong-fish-ball-3Fish Ball in Hong Kong can be divided into two categories. One is the well-known cooked food sold along streets by venders. Its history can be tracked back to 1950s. This type of Fish Balls is made of fried fish meat. Food stalls often sold them with spicy or sweat sauces.

The other kind is not cooked food but available in traditional markets and super markets. With higher price and different taste from the first type, this kind of Fish Ball is usually served as an important ingredient of hot pot. Another popular way to eat Fish Ball is to cook them with noodle in hot soup.