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Ji'an Travel Guide


Gaoguli Cultural Tourism Zone, owns General Tomb, Haotaiwang Tomb and Stele, Guonei City, Wan Du Mountain City, have been listed as part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Located in the southeast of Jilin Province, Ji’an is one of China's three major ports opened to Korea. It lies opposite to the DPRK with the Yalu River running in between, borders Liaoning Province to the southwest, and neighbors Tonghua City and Baishan City of Jilin Province to the north. Ji’an covers nine nationalities such as Han, Korea, Manchu, Hui and so on. 


In history, this area used to be the capital city of kingdom for more than 400 years. After Koguryo perished Bohai State and the following Liao, Jin, Ming and Qing dynasties all established administrative offices there, leaving behind them many historical sites and relics.


the remains of ancient Gaoguli KingdomJi’an tourism features its cultural relics, ecological environments and border sceneries. Among these the most renowned one must be Ji'an City, the remains of ancient Gaoguli Kingdom. It was added on the World Heritage List in 2004. The grand General Tomb is called the"Oriental Pyramid", and the Gwanggaeto Stele is regarded as the first Oriental tablet.

Other highlights include Yalu River Border Tourism Zone, Laohushao Scenic Resort, Huffing Lake Tourist Scenic Resort, and Ji’an Museum.


Ji'an is a little difficult to get into. The better way is reach Tonghua and transfer buses to get into Ji’an. Another option is taking long-distance buses from Changchun, Harbin, Yanji, Shenyang, Dalian, Dandong, Tianjin and Beijing to get into.


Located in the North Temperate Zone, Ji’an owns a continental climate with four distinct seasons. It has a windy and warm spring, rainy and hot summer, cool and clear autumn, snowy and frosty winter. It has an annual average temperature of 6 °C (43 °F) with an average annual precipitation of 900 mm (35 in).

Food and Restaurants

Bibimbap Ji’an food is influence by Korea cuisine. Local delicacies include bibimbap (Korean rice in stone bow), cold noodles, wild vegetable, yalujiang carp, Korean BBQ and some more.

There's a small mom-and-pop local restaurant at the southwest corner of Shengli Xilu and Dongsheng Jie selling some real Korea foods.


Here are some recommended hotels in Ji’an

Kaiyuan Intercontinental Hotel
Address: No.88 Yongshu Road, Ji'an

Xianggangcheng Holiday Hotel
Address: No.22 Liming South Road, Ji'an

Cuiyuan Hotel
Address: No.888 Shengli Road, Ji'an


Local specialties include ginseng, Bee Products, yalujiang carp, wood frog, pine nut, pecan, black fungus, fiddlehead and so on.


1. At night, the street tamps on Shengli Xilu near the Guo Nei City Park come in rainbow colors.
2. Ji'an Hospital is at No.208 Wenhua Road, Ji'an, Tonghua. Inquiry Number: +86 435 622 9348.
3. Bank of China Ji’an Branch lies on No.336 Shengli Road, Ji’an.
4. Ji'an Post Office is at Shengli Road, Ji'an. Inquiry Number: +86 435 622 2009.

Chinese Name: 集安
English Name: Ji'an
Location: Northeast China
Area: 3, 354
Population: 222, 431
Area Code: 0796
Time Zone: (UTC+8)

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