Chinese Culture
Ancient times or today, Chinese people from walks of life make great contributions to the world - Confucius, founder of Confucianism; Mao Zedong, first leader of new China; Bruce Lee, a famed Kung Fu expert. Each people has marvelous life story make you impressed.
  • Wang Ching-wei
    Wang Ching-wei
    Wang Ching-wei (1883-1944) is the pen name for Wang Zhaoming, who was once a close associate of Sun Yat-sen but became a traitor during the period of Anti-Japanese War.
  • Yuan Shikai
    Yuan Shikai
    Yuan Shikai (1859-1916) is the political and military figures in the modern history of China, who is also the head of Northern Warlords at the end of Qing Dynasty.
  • Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall
    Chiang Kai-shek
    Chiang Kai-shek was a Chinese military and political leader of Kuomintang for more than five years and was once the head of state of the Chinese Nationalist government.
  • The Tomb of Yellow Emperor
    Yellow Emperor
    Xuanyuan Yellow Emperor is the ancient tribal alliance leader in China and is the first man to unify the Chinese nation.