Guilin Waters and Mountains

Rated as finest under heaven, Guilin waters and mountains is devoted to green hills, limpid rivers, fantastic caves and marvelous stones owing to the karst landform.

Located in the northeast of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Guilin is a reputed tourist attraction as well as one of the most famous historical and cultural cities. Guilin is the most typical and rare example of Karst Topography in terms of its scale and uniqueness. Take a cruise along the elegant Li River, visitors will have a panoramic view of Guilin waters and mountains.


Several hundred million years ago, Guilin area was a gulf. Salty sea water kept dissolving and wearing off the limestone layers, and slowly developed the original shapes of Guilin’s hills under water. In the movement of the earth's crust, the sea gave way to the land. Through the geological activities about 70 million years, the isolated limestone peaks and fantastic stalagmite caves of Guilin have been developed with the help of the natural elements of wind, rains, and rivers above and under ground.

Attractive Li River

Li River, a picturesque river well known both at home and abroad, is at its most beautiful starting from Guilin to Yangshuo, distancing 83 km. Winding her way amidst the mountains and through villages, the Li River adds a great charm to the picture-like landscape of Guilin, where people can see mountains with fantastic peaks, green and clear waters, and festoon-like fields. The typical ones include Reed Flute Cave, Seven Star Cave, Duxiu Peak, Fubo Hill and Diecai Hill, which can be the essences of Guilin Waters and Mountains.

Beautiful Mountains

Elephant Trunk Hill

Elephant Trunk Hill is the remarkable landmark of Guilin. Located at the intersection of Peach Blossom River and Li River, it looks like a huge elephant drinking from the river with its trunk, seen from the distant. As a prime example of Karst rock formations, it is composed of pure limestone deposited 360 million years ago. Elephant Trunk Hill owns a charming flavor in sunrise and sunset beyond imagination.

Diecai Hill

Neighboring to the Li River, Diecai Hill is more like a beauty standing in the water. The sunlit stratified rocks on the hill resembling piles of brocades earn it the name Diecai Hill (Folded Brocade Hill). It is called Guishan for the hill was abound in cassia trees long time ago, and it is also named Wind Cave Hill for there is a cave blowing wind in all seasons. Together with Duxiu Peak and Fubo Hill, they consist three legs of a tripod.

Duxiu Hill

Duxiu Peak is located in the center of Guilin City. It plays an inalienable role in the king city which has been rated as "Pillar of South Sky". 

Fubo Hill

Calmly standing beside the western bank of Li River, close to the Duxiu Peak, Fubo Hill is one of the remarkable landmarks of Guilin. Featuring in hill, cave, stone, and pavilion, Fubo Hill has the enchantment to lure thousands of tourists from all directions.

Best Time to Visit

Each season in Guilin is like spring, thus Guilin is suitable for traveling all year round. Surprisingly, Li River retains being elegant in all four seasons, the most popular time is from April till October.

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Guilin in Spring

It rains a lot in spring that the rivers, pinnacles and the city itself are shrouded in mist, which is especially enchanting. Take a cruise on Li River, you will find you have been in paradise.

Guilin in Summer

Though it is hot in summer, but the beauty to be found out doors is quite adequate compensation, especially for the view sights along Li River. At this season, you will realize the saying-“East and west, Guilin is the best”. Everything here such as rivers, peaks and stones can be clearly seen.

Guilin in Autumn

It turns to be cool in fall and it is the best time to view the terraced fields of Longsheng which is wonderfully golden in the harvest season at the end of September or beginning of October. In addition, the blooming osmanthus will make Guilin waters and mountains more appealing.

Guilin in Winter

Winter is cold and moist in Guilin, especially in January, but can still be very pleasant in sunny days. Winter is the low season so Guilin is less crowded and it is cheaper to travel.

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