Chinese Culture
What to eat and drink in China? Bingo! You’ve come to a paradise of gourmet. Delicious food, exquisite dishes, various cooking techniques, profound Chinese tea and alcohol culture - Chinese Food and Drinks never disappoint you. Pick up your chopsticks and have a bite on it!
  • Cooking Methods of Chinese Food
    Cooking Methods of Chinese Food
    Known as one of three major cuisines in the world, Chinese cuisine, a part of Chinese culture, enjoys high fame throughout the world for its various cooking methods.
  • Chinese Tea Sets
    Chinese Tea Sets
    With a profound tea culture, there are various kinds of tea sets in China. Not only beautiful in design, the Chinese tea sets are practical and welcomed at home and abroad.
  • Chinese Tea Culture
    Chinese Tea Culture
    Chinese tea culture, mixing the Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism into one is a unique Chinese culture. Related to how to make tea and drink tea, Chinese tea culture has been known to the world.
  • Chinese Medicinal Food
    Medicinal Food
    Chinese Medicinal Food is an important component of traditional Chinese cuisine, which is treasured cultural heritage that is peculiar to China.