Dumpling Banquet

Dumpling Banquet is reputed as Three Matchless Foods in Xian together with famous Fang Tang Dish and Cruded Pancake in Mutton Soup.

Dumpling is a traditional Chinese food. With a long history, this kind of food usually can be seen and enjoyed in northern China, cooking with small limps of dough either with meat or vegetables. Originally, this is just a common home-cooked meal, but with people’s creative idea, Dumpling Banquet appeared. And also, it is reputed as ‘Three Matchless Foods in Xian’ together with famous Fang Tang Dish and Cruded Pancake in Mutton Soup.


As long as talking about the Dumpling Banquet, dumplings must be mentioned firstly. Dumpling was a popular food even can be traced back to over 2,000 years ago in ancient Chang’an city (today’s Xi’an city).

Then, how about the Dumpling Banquet? It is said one day Yang Yuhuan (one beloved imperial concubine of Emperor Xuanzong of Tang) would like to eat one food with stuffings and also it should be a steamed one. The clever cook knew that she was in favor of chicken, so made steamed dumplings with chicken for her; and the result was she liked very much. Hence, ‘Guifei Zhengjiao’ as a delicacy in court handed down even till today. Then we come to the existing one. Xi’an Dumpling Banquet Hotel is the first one offering Dumpling Banquet; originally, it was a dumpling restaurant in Jiefang Road. With more than 50 years history, their dumplings are famous and welcomed in Xian. Later, for a better development, since 1984, the restaurant set about learning how to make a successful Dumpling Banquet, not only to other cities but among the people.

Features and Breakthrough Points

Various materials: not only using general used materials, but with other delicious and eutrophic ones. For example, kinds of meat (chicken, duck, fish, pork etc.), in season fresh vegetables and also other delicacies.
Kinds of Taste: ‘one hundred dumplings, one hundred tastes’, people can enjoy kinds of taste in a Dumpling Banquet, such as spicy, sweet, curry and so forth.
Different Making Methods: there are basic four which are steam, fry, decoct and stew. But because of the different materials, other methods also can be used, such as stir-fry, quick-fry, braise, boil etc.
Fantastic Shapes: here, people will find a large number of dumplings in vivid shapes, such as goldfishes, pearls, butterflies, gold ingots, nests, flowers etc.
A Combination with others: traditionally, people eat dumplings only; but in a Dumpling Banquet, dumplings are the main role but not the only, together with cold dishes, hot dishes, drinks and so on.

Where to Enjoy

After Xian Dumpling Banquet Hotel, many other hotels started to offering the Dumpling Banquet gradually, such as De Fachang, Shaanxi Song and Dance Grand Theatre, the Tang Dynasty etc. Each of them has its own merits in color, taste and also shape. While enjoying the delicious Dumpling Banquet, people can also appreciate the eye-catching and breath-taking Music and Dance Show of Tang Dynasty (618-907).

Blessing Meaning

When it is close to the end of the Dumpling Banquet, some pearl-shaped dumplings will offer to people and the number of the dumplings you eat has a special meaning and blessing.
One: plain sailing.
Two: good things come in pairs.
Three: go up three grades in a row.
Four: get rich at all four seasons.
Five: an abundant harvest of all food crops.
Six: everything goes well.
Seven: seven stars shin upon you which implies a good luck.
Eight: the Eight Immortals crossing the sea with one own special prowess.
Nine: the highest above all.
Ten: perfect.

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