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  • 3 Days Hohhot Grassland Vacation
    Start: Hohhot    End: Hohhot    Duration: 3 Days
    Xilamuren Prairie > Dazhao Temple, Inner Mongolia Museum, Zhaojun Tomb
    This Chinese grassland tour is going to be different. Blue sky, white cloud, green grass, cattle, horses, sheep, dinosaur fossil, etc. How can you not yield to the temptation of all these picturesque views?...
    Tour Code: scpt-60
Some Useful Info

From/To Hohhot

Hohhot connects northwest China with other cities, especially Beijing. From Beijing to Hohhot only takes one hour, from Guangzhou and Xi’an about 3 hours and from Shanghai about 4 hours.

It’s also convenient to get to Hohhot by trains, such as Beijing, Baotou and Datong. Moreover, there are international trains to Ulan Bator and Moscow.

Best Time to Visit

The grassland in Hohhot is flourishing in summer and turns into golden in winter. As a result, summer and winter are the best time to travel in Hohhot. During July to September, you may have chance to join famous Nadam Fair.