Hangzhou Tours

● Tours to Hangzhou with must-see attractions: West Lake, Ancient Town of Wuzhen, Feilaifeng Peak, Lingyin Temple and more.
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  • 2 Days Hangzhou Gardens & West Lake Tour
    Start: Hangzhou    End: Hangzhou    Duration: 2 Days
    Feilaifeng Peak, Lingyin Temple, Liuhe Pagoda > West Lake, Red Carp Pond
    The West Lake, Feilaifeng Peak, Lingyin Temple, Liuhe Pagoda and more to give you an ideal Hangzhou trip by enjoying the splendor of mountain scenery and profound Buddhist culture....
    Tour Code: scpt-45
  • 3 Days Hangzhou Gardens, West Lake and Water Town of Wuzhen Tour
    Start: Hangzhou    End: Hangzhou    Duration: 3 Days
    one day Hangzhou tour > a full day tour in Ancient Town of Wuzhen > one day Hangzhou sightseeing with West Lake cruise
    Besides Hangzhou famous senic spot like West Lake, the Ancient Town of Wuzhen will also be presented in this classic route bringing to mind a Chinese ink and wash painting....
    Tour Code: scpt-44
  • Two Day Wonderful Shanghai with Scenic Hangzhou
    Start: Shanghai    End: Shanghai    Duration: 2 Days
    1 day Shanghai: Yuyuan Garden, The Bund, Xintiandi Area > 1 day in Hangzhou with West Lake
    Two day tours to explore wonderful Shanghai and pay a visit to classic attractions in Shanghai and West Lake in Hangzhou....
    Tour Code: scbt-40
Some Useful Info

From/To Hangzhou
Transportation from/to Hangzhou is well-developed that you can arrive here by any mean of vehicle. Flights is the first option of visitors from Beijing, Xi’an Guangzhou and Shenzhen, etc.

For those from Beijing and Tianjin can also take high-speed trains, which only need 5 or 6 hours to reach Hangzhou. It is convenient to travel to Shanghai, Suzhou, Nanjing and Ningbo.

Shanghai/Hangzhou: G7505 (09:00 ~ 09:45); Hangzhou./Shanghai: G7560 (20:52 ~ 21:55)
Suzhou/Hangzhou: G7581 (09:08 ~ 10:47); Hangzhou/Suzhou: G7582 (18:15 ~ 19:57)
Nanjing/Hangzhou: G31 (12:18 ~ 13:32); Hangzhou/Nanjing: G32 (08:30 ~ 09:40)

Visitors can take buses to Wuzhen Ancient Town, Zhouzhang Water Town from Hangzhou.

Best Time to Visit

Hangzhou, especially West Lake shows its charms in four seasons. Spring is the best time to visit here, when the trees and flowers are green and in full bloom.