13 Days Heavenly Tour to Suzhou, Hangzhou Gardens and Water Town of Zhouzhuang

    Tour Code:yct-40

    Start: Beijing

    End: Shanghai

    Duration: 13 Days

    Great wonders of Huangshan, charming beauty of gardens in Suzhou and Hangzhou, eye-catching West Lake and water town Zhouzhuang will bring you great pleasure and joy.
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    Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, All 3 Nights in Beijing
    Day 4, Day 5, All 2 Nights in Xi'an
    Day 6, All 1 Night in Hangzhou
    Day 7, All 1 Night in Suzhou
    Day 8, Day 10, All 2 Nights Overnight on the Train
    Day 9, All 1 Night in hotels on Top of Yellow Mountains
    Day 11, Day 12, All 2 Nights in Shanghai

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    Total Price   11276.95
    Arrive in Beijing. Pick up from Airport/Railway Station in Beijing.
    Overnight in Beijing
    Visit Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Tiananmen Square. Enjoy the famous Roast Duck feast (fees included).
    Overnight in Beijing
    Visit Great Wall at Badaling (cable car not included), Summer Palace.
    Overnight in Beijing
    Beijing - Xi'an
    Courtyard Houses of Beijing (lunch included), Hutong in Beijing (rickshaw cruise included). Beijing to Xi'an by air in the afternoon (air ticket included). Visit Xi'an City Wall. Enjoy dumpling banquet (dinner included) and Tang Dancing Show (performance ticket included) in the evening.
    Overnight in Xi'an
    Visit Terracotta Army, Shaanxi Provincial History Museum, Big Wild Goose Pagoda (ticket to the pagoda included).
    Overnight in Xi'an
    Xi'an - Hangzhou
    Xi'an to Hangzhou by air in the morning (air ticket included). Visit Feilaifeng Peak, Lingyin Temple, Red Carp Pond, West Lake (cruise ticket included).
    Overnight in Hangzhou
    Hangzhou - Suzhou
    Transfer from Hangzhou to Suzhou in the morning. Visit Humble Administrators Garden, Tiger Hill,Grand Canal (cruise not included).
    Overnight in Suzhou
    Suzhou - Zhouzhuang - Suzhou - Huangshan
    Transfer from Suzhou to Zhouhuang in the morning. Visit Ancient Town of Zhouzhuang (boat ticket not included). Back to Suzhou by in the afternoon. Suzhou to Huangshan by Train at night (train ticket included).
    Overnight on the Train
    Pick up at the railway station and visit Yellow Mountains (round trip cable car included).
    Overnight in hotels on Top of Yellow Mountains
    Huangshan - Shanghai
    Watch Sunrise at Yellow Mountains, visit Tunxi Ancient Street. Huangshan to Shanghai by train (soft sleeper train ticket included).
    Overnight on the Train
    Pick up at railway station in Shanghai. Visit Town God Temple, Yuyuan Garden, Oriental Pearl TV Tower (exterior view, ticket to the tower not included).
    Overnight in Shanghai
    Visit Shanghai Museum, Nanjing Road, The Bund, Peoples Square, Xintiandi Area.
    Overnight in Shanghai
    Transfer to Airport/Railway Station in Shanghai and Departure.
    Day 1 Beijing

    Upon your arrival in Beijing, the guide picks you up at the Beijing airport/train station and then transfers you to the hotel in Beijing.

    The remainder of the day is at your leisure.

    Day 2 Beijing

    Today you have a chance to comprehend the ancient emperor's imperial life by visiting Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City and the Temple of Heaven.

    After breakfast, the tour begins with the first stop to the Tiananmen Square, the largest city central plaza in the world. It was once the palace square outside the Forbidden City off-limit to ordinary people during the reign of emperors in Ming and Qing dynasties and now stands many outstanding monuments, such as the Tiananmen Gate Tower, Monument to the People’s Heroes, Tiananmen Gate, Great Hall of the People and Chairman Mao's Memorial Hall.

    Next we will move to the Forbidden City. Also known as the Palace Museum, it has been the biggest ancient imperial palace group where 24 emperors of Ming and Qing dynasties had lived in. Composed of 870 well-preserved buildings and 8,707 rooms, it tells a long history of China.

    Then we move to the Temple of Heaven, a holy historical relic for holding Heaven Worshipping Ceremony by emperors to pray for harvest and peace during Ming and Qing dynasties. It is 4 times larger than the Forbidden City, signifying the holiness of Heaven.

    In the evening, you will enjoy the famous Roast Duck feast (fees included) in Quanjude Restaurant. Known as a dispensable dish on imperial banquet during Ming and Qing dynasties, it has been the brochure of Beijing as well as China which can make you mouth-watering with its brilliantly dark red look, crisp skin and tender meat.

    Day 3 Beijing

    Today an excursion trip to the Great Wall at Badaling (72km and 1.5hours drive from downtown Beijing) is arranged in the morning. As the most representative section among the ten-thousand-li Great Wall, it boasts breathtaking natural sceneries and imposing buildings, symbolizing the Chinese nation. You can either climb up the Great Wall or take a cable car at your own expense.

    Next we will head for the Summer Palace to enjoy a leisurely walk along the elegant Lake Kunminghu and appreciate the largest and best-preserved Chinese imperial garden which had been the place for royal family to beat the heat during Qing Dynasty.

    Day 4 Beijing>>Xi'an

    Arrangement of today is a Hutong cruise to get closer to the local culture. After breakfast, you will be guided to Hutongs (traditional lanes in Beijing). Rickshaw is available for you to explore the old Beijing lanes (rickshaw cruise included) instead of walking.

    Then you can pay a visit to a local Chinese family in courtyard house to experience their life. You are expected to try making Chinese food on your own under the local family member's guidance (lunch included).

    After lunch, you are guided to walk to the Silver Ingot Bridge (Yinding Bridge). It is a 12 meters long, 7 meters wide and 8 meters high stone arch bridge which is shaped like a silver ingot. You may be told the explanation about the different thresholds that mark the entry to the courtyard houses.

    Later you are transferred to Beijing airport for the flight to Xi'an (air ticket included), an old city for 13 dynasties. Upon your arrival in Xi'an, the local guide picks you up at Xi'an airport and a joyful trip in Xi'an starts.

    On the way to the downtown area of Xi'an, you can see the City Wall which is the symbol of time-honored Xi'an. Known as the world’s largest well-preserved city wall, it was the extension structure to house the imperial palace of Tang Dynasty. The watchtowers and battlements are still well preserved on walls.

    Afterward, you are guided to enjoy a delicious Dumpling Banquet with Tang Dynasty Music and Dance Show (ticket included) for a further understanding of imperial life of Tang Dynasty.

    Day 5 Xi'an

    After breakfast, the guide will pick you up at your hotel and head for the Terracotta Army (40km and 1 hour drive from Xi'an). Noted as the eighth wonder in world, it tells the splendid reign of Qin Shihuang via 3 excavated pits with groups of lifelike figures and horses orderly arranged in battle formations.

    Then we will proceed to the Tomb of Qin Shihuang, the first imperial tomb of China with a large scale where houses abundant burial objects. Here, you can get more information of Qin Dynasty.

    Later we will drive to the Shaanxi Provincial History Museum to explore the glamorous imperial past of Shaanxi. More than 370,000 historical relics are collected in the museum spanning from the prehistory to Qing Dynasty.

    The last stop of today is the Big Wild Goose Pagoda (ticket to the pagoda included), a remarkable landscape of Xi’an. It is one of the most famous Buddhist pagodas in China, which is a 7-storey fortress-like structure with height of 64.5 meters. Around the pagoda is a square with the Asia's largest music fountain.

    Afterward you are transferred back to your hotel.

    Day 6 Xi'an>>Hangzhou

    The tour in Xi'an comes to an end and you are escorted to Xi'an airport for the flight to Hangzhou (air ticket included).

    On arrival in Hangzhou, the local guide greets you at Hangzhou airport and starts the Hangzhou trip by proceeding to the Lingyin Temple, one of the famous ancient Buddhist temples in South China, is believed to be very efficacious that many worshipers would like to pray for happier life. The 65-feet camphor-wood Buddha statue in the Main Shrine has been the highlight of the temple.

    Afterward we move to the Feilaifeng Peak to explore the pure limestone mountain which features numerous oddly-shaped rocks. You can see many strange caves with Buddhist sculptures which are in a variety of poses ranging from standing, to sitting, to sleeping.

    Next visit West Lake. Reputed as the "Heaven on Earth", West Lake boasts intoxicating scenery of lake and hills. Thousands of visitors speak highly of it after the first sight. On the boat, you can see the distant temples, pavilions and gardens, causeways and arched bridges, which have composed a beautiful painting.

    Then we go on the tour to visit the Red Carp Pond in the Flower Harbor Park. Countless red carps swimming in the pond are waiting for your feed. The showy cluster of red adds more color to the park.

    Day 7 Hangzhou>>Suzhou

    Today we will leave for Suzhou in the morning. After arriving in Suzhou, we head for the Humble Administrator's Garden, the mother of the world's gardens. Noted as the largest classical luxurious garden, it enjoys picturesque watery beauty with the combination of islet, bamboo grove, winding rivers and pavilions.

    Then you are driven to the Tiger Hill (4km from Suzhou city center). A towering pagoda atop the hill will attract your eye when you are approaching the hill. It has been rated as the second leaning tower in the world seconds to Pisa Tower. You are encouraged to climb the hill to explore a number of historical sites some of which can be traced back over 2500 years to the founding of Suzhou.

    Later we proceed to explore one of the greatest water conservancy projects in ancient times of China and the longest canal in the world, the Grand Canal. Walking along the Grand Canal, you can experience the life of locals.

    Day 8 Suzhou>>Zhouzhuang>>Suzhou>>Huangshan

    Arrangement of today is a water town trip in Zhouzhuang in the morning after breakfast. Rated as the "the No.1 Water Town in China", the picturesque town boasts a long history of more than 900 years with many houses built during the Ming and Qing Dynasties. You can take a cruise on the rivers of the town (cruise tickets not included) to enjoy the elegant watery views. The stone-paved streets, well-preserved houses and remained folk drama stage will show a different life.

    Later you will be transferred back to Suzhou (50km and 1 hour drive from Zhouzhuang) for the overnight soft sleeper train to Huangshan (train ticket included).

    Day 9 Huangshan

    Upon your arrival in Huangshan, the guide greets you at the railway station and starts your fantastic Yellow Mountain tour (round trip cable car included).

    Reputed as the No.1 Marvelous Mountain on Earth, Yellow Mountain has been listed as the World Heritage. Constituting of 72 peaks, it boasts to be the painting model for Chinese black and white paintings of high mountains. A cable car is available to take you up to the mountain. Atop the mountain, you will witness the five unique views: gnarled pines, craggy rocks, rolling sea of clouds, hot springs and winter snows.

    Later you are arranged to stay overnight in the hotel located in the mountains.

    Day 10 Huangshan>>Shanghai

    In the morning, you are expected to get up early to appreciate the magical sunrise. Then you can continue your sightseeing of the Yellow Mountains. Later you will be guided to take a cable car down the mountain and go on our tour to Huangshan city to visit the Tunxi Ancient Street. Noted as an old trading street featuring Hui-style buildings built during Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279) and Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1636-1912) Dynasties. Lined up with many shops, it offers a series of specialties and souvenirs, such as the Chinese "Four Treasures of the Study", green tea of Maofeng and so on.

    Afterward you are transferred to Huangshan train station for the overnight soft sleeper train to Shanghai (train ticket included).

    Day 11 Shanghai

    After your detraining, the guide will pick you up at Shanghai train station and head for the Town God Temple (Chenghuangmiao). Noted as a famous Taoist Temple dedicated to the town god of Shanghai, it is believed to be efficacious to protect the whole Shanghai all the time. Around the temple that you can eat the local snacks, including Nanxiang Steamed Stuffed Buns, Crab-Yellow Pastries, and Fried Stuffed Buns and so on.

    Then we proceed to the Yuyuan Garden before noon. As a pearl among the traditional private gardens in Shanghai, it is a well fusion of halls, rockeries, statues, pavilions, bridges, corridors and ponds. Don't miss the Zigzag Bridge and Mid-lake Pavilion which are two best places to view the scenery in the garden.

    Later we drive to the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, the most remarkable landmark of Shanghai. We only have an exterior view of the tower (ticket to the tower not included).

    Afterward you are escorted to the hotel in Shanghai.

    Day 12 Shanghai

    Today a city center tour is arranged to you with the first stop at the Shanghai Museum, a large museum of ancient Chinese arts contains eleven galleries and three exhibition halls where houses over 120,000 pieces, including bronze wares, pottery and porcelain, calligraphies and paintings.

    Next we move on to the Nanjing Road, one of the most famous thoroughfares of Shanghai as well as a shopping paradise for tourists. You can find many old brand shops and modern stores on the road, presenting the vitality of old and new Shanghai.

    Then we will take a walk along the Bund. The Bund represents the modernization of Shanghai with 52 architectures of various styles assembling here, including the Gothic, Romanik, Baroque and Chinese-Western style.

    After dinner, you are guided to ramble around the People's Square, one of the modernized landmarks of Shanghai. Once was the venue to holding horse racing by the upper-class, it has been the economic, political and tourist center where towers many magnificent buildings.

    Today's tour ends with the last stop to the Xiantiandi Area. It becomes more bustling when night falls. The mixture of mottled Shikumen, deep lanes and European bars and cafes make the area unique and attractive.

    Day 13 Shanghai
    Your guide escorts you to the Airport/Railway Station in Shanghai for your departure.
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    • The admission tickets for scenic spots listed in the itinerary.
    • Service charge and government taxes.
    • The air ticket of economic class, taxes and dues for the flights as listed in the itinerary.
    • Ticket for soft sleeper train from Suzhou to Huangshan, Haungshan to Shanghai.
    • Ten-night hotel accommodation in twin shared room with daily breakfast.
    • Two-day accommodation on the overnight train without breakfast.
    • Meals: a lunch and a dinner on Yellow Mountains, Roast Duck, dumpling banquet.


    • International flight tickets or train tickets.
    • Hotel single room supplement.
    • Personal expenses such as laundry, drinks, fax, telephone call, optional activities, etc.
    • Tips to local tour guide and driver.
    • Estimated group surcharges for excess baggage.
    • Fees for entry visa to China.
    • Cable car, sightseeing bus and cruise unless explained specially.
    • Meals (L & D) not listed in the itinerary.

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