11 Days Hot Cities of East China & Water Town of Zhouzhuang (Beijing Start off)

    Tour Code:yct-8

    Start: Beijing

    End: Shanghai

    Duration: 11 Days

    Reversed Itinerary: 11 Days Hot Cities of East China & Water Town of Zhouzhuang (Shanghai Start off)

    Walking in hot cities Nanjing, Suzhou, Hangzhou and Shanghai in eastern China and then feeling the culture in Zhouzhuang Town - a romantice little town, you will finally understand the Chinese saying: 'just as there is a paradise in heaven,there are Suzhou and Hangzhou on earth.'
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    Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, All 3 Nights in Beijing
    Day 4, Day 5, All 2 Nights in Nanjing
    Day 6, All 1 Night in Suzhou
    Day 7, Day 8, All 2 Nights in Hangzhou
    Day 9, Day 10, All 2 Nights in Shanghai

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    Total Price   7013.95
    Arrive in Beijing. Pick up at Airport/Railway Station in Beijing.
    Overnight in Beijing
    Visit Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven. Enjoy the famous Roast Duck feast (dinner included).
    Overnight in Beijing
    Visit Great Wall at Badaling (cable car not included), Summer Palace.
    Overnight in Beijing
    Beijing - Nanjing
    Visit Hutong in Beijing (rickshaw cruise included), Courtyard Houses of Beijing (lunch included). Beijing to Nanjing by Air in the afternoon (air ticket included).
    Overnight in Nanjing
    Visit Dr. Sun Yat-sens Tomb, Ming Xiaoling Tomb, Confucius Temple.
    Overnight in Nanjing
    Nanjing - Suzhou
    Take a train from Nanjing to Suzhou (ticket included) in the morning.
    Visit Tiger Hill, Humble Administrators Garden.
    Overnight in Suzhou
    Suzhou - Zhouzhuang - Hangzhou
    Transfer from Suzhou to Zhouzhuang in the morning. Visit Ancient Town of Zhouzhuang (boat ticket not included). Transfer from Zhouzhuang to Hangzhou in the afternoon.
    Overnight in Hangzhou
    Visit West Lake (cruise ticket included), Red Carp Pond, Lingyin Temple, Feilaifeng Peak.
    Overnight in Hangzhou
    Hangzhou - Shanghai
    The morning is free for yourself. Hangzhou to Shanghai in the afternoon. Visit Oriental Pearl TV Tower (exterior view, ticket to the tower not included), Take a Huangpu River Night Cruise (ticket included).
    Overnight in Shanghai
    Visit Shanghai Museum, Town God Temple, Yuyuan Garden, Nanjing Road, Peoples Square, Xintiandi Area.
    Overnight in Shanghai
    Transfer to Airport/Railway Station in Shanghai and Departure.
    Day 1 Beijing
    On arrival, our guide will greet you at Beijing airport or railway station, and then drive you to the hotel.

    You can enjoy the rest of the day at your own arrangement.
    Day 2 Beijing

    After breakfast, visit Tiananmen Square, the largest city center square in the world. There are countless important political and historical events happened here. On October 1st, 1949, Chairman Mao stood on the city tower of Tiananmen to announce the foundation of new China.

    Then visit the Forbidden City, also famous as Imperial Palace Museum. Built in 1420, it is the imperial palace for Ming and Qing (1368-1911) emperors, and it has been the political center of China for 5 centuries. It is the largest and the most complete wooden-structured architecture complex in the world, and as well as World Culture Heritage.

    Move on to Temple of Heaven. Far larger than Forbidden City, it was the place for Ming and Qing emperors to hold imperial rituals and sacrifice the God. This ancient architecture complex was built strictly according to set of etiquette in feudal society.

    In the evening, enjoy the famous Roast Duck feast (dinner included).

    Day 3 Beijing

    Great Wall is praised as one of the seven wonders in the world. First of your morning tour is to Great Wall at Badaling Section, a reprehensive part of Ming Great Wall. It features its magnificent view, complete facilities and profound cultural deposits. You can hike to the end or take a cable car at your own expense.

    Drive back to downtown to see the Summer Palace, the largest and best-preserved imperial garden in China. First built in 1750, its main scenery is consisted of Wanshou Mountain and Kunming Lake, and the water surface takes 3/4 of total area. It once the most important political and diplomatic activity center except for Forbidden City in late Qing Dynasty.

    Day 4 Beijing>>Nanjing

    Early morning, start your Hutong tour by rickshaw (rickshaw cruise ticket). Pass across the crisscross lanes in Hutong to explore the real Beijing folk culture. Almost of architectures in Hutong are courtyard houses, and then have a visit to the local family, you have chance to try to make Chinese food on your own. Then have lunch there (lunch included).

    Take a walk over the Silver Ingot Bridge (Yinding Bridge) to hear the introduction about the different thresholds that mark the entry to the courtyard houses. Silver Ingot Bridge, with 500 years' history, is the boundary of the front and back sea of Shicha Sea, and it is the best place to see West Hill.

    Then go to the airport and fly to Nanjing (air ticket included). Nanjing has a history of 2,600 years, one of the famous four ancient cities in China, and is the important cradle land of Chinese civilization.

    After arriving, check in the hotel, and the remaining time is at your arrangement.

    Day 5 Nanjing

    Morning visit Dr. Sun Yat-sen's Tomb. Sun Yat-sen (1866 - 1925) is recognized as Father of the Republic of China and the forerunner of Chinese democratic revolution. Used traditional architecture style of China, Sun Yat-sen's Mausoleum is titled as "First Mausoleum in China's Modern History".

    Next, stop at Ming Xiaoling Tomb, one of the biggest imperial tombs in China. Built in 1381, it is a joint-burial tomb for Zhu Yuanzhang (first emperor of Ming Dynasty) and his queen. As the first tomb of Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), it stands for the highest achievement of architecture and stone carving art in early Ming Dynasty, and also has a direct influence to imperial tombs' formation after him.

    Last, go to the Confucius Temple. Accompanied by Qinhuai River, Confucius Temple was one of the famous four temples in China to sacrifice Confucius (the founder of Confucianism). It is Confucius Temple-centered, which is a nice place for sightseeing, or walking around to find local flavor.

    Day 6 Nanjing>>Suzhou

    Take a soft seat train (train ticket included) to Suzhou (short than 2 hours).

    Then drive to the Tiger Hill, a famous tourist area in Suzhou. With a history of 2,500 years, it has beautiful landscapes and is rich of cultural landscapes. The most famous two attractions are Cloud Rock Pagoda and Sword Pool. Cloud Rock Pagoda is viewed as the second famous leaning tower in the world, the symbol of ancient Suzhou, while Sword Pool is famous for a mysterious tomb and beautiful legend.

    Then visit the Humble Administrator's Garden - the largest classic garden in Suzhou. Built in 1509, it is the one of the famous four gardens in China and is the representative of gardens in southern China, which boasts of "Mother of Chinese Garden".

    Day 7 Suzhou>>Zhouzhuang>>Hangzhou

    Drive to Zhouzhuang (45 km from Suzhou), "No.1 Water Town of China". Built in 1086, here you can see typical scenery of water land in southern China, and also visit the former residence of Shen Wansan (the richest man in early Ming Dynasty). Take a boat on the river (boat ticket excluded), you can see the folk houses on the both sides, pass through Fu'an Bridge-the symbol of Zhouzhuang, and feel the ancient water town.

    Later, drive to Hangzhou.

    Day 8 Hangzhou

    Spend a whole day to enjoy the view of West Lake, the most famous scenic area of Hangzhou. Reputed as Paradise under Heaven, it is world-famous for thousand historical deposit and peculiar landscape of southern China, and meanwhile it is the only World Culture Heritage won by lake view in China. Boating on its waters (cruise ticket included), you will be attracted by wonderful sceneries of West Lake.

    Move to Red Carp Pond, one of the top ten attractions in West Lake. It features flower, garden and pond. The Red Carp Pond is the main spot of the park, and the red carps will gather around while feeding, the wide water surface is covered by red, which is so splendid.

    Head for Lingyin Temple, one of the ten known Zen Buddhist temples in China. Built in 326, it is the earliest temple in Hangzhou with nice natural sceneries. In front of the temple, you can see the Feilai Peak. It is 168 meters high and is made of limestone, which is totally different from mountains around. Feilaifeng Peak features grotesque rocks, shaping like a flying dragon, running elephant, lying tiger and so on, and it seems like a rock zoo. In addition, there are 345 cliff sculptures on the cliff caves since the 9the century, which are very precious.

    Day 9 Hangzhou>>Shanghai

    There is a free morning for you, so you can enjoy yourself at your own schedule. You can walk around the West Lake to go on appreciating the beautiful scenery, or go to Hefang Street (an archaized business street in Ming and Qing architecture style) to buy souvenirs and find tasty local food, anyway, do what you like.

    Drive to Shanghai in the afternoon. On arrival, drive to Oriental Pearl TV Tower (ticket to the tower excluded) for its marvelous exterior appearance, one of the landmarks of Shanghai, and the sixth highest skyscrapers in the World. Standing on the tower, the bustling Shanghai is all in your eyes, including beautiful night view of the Bund and the Huangpu River (the mother river of Shanghai).

    And then, take a Huangpu River Cruise (ticket included) to enjoy the beautiful night view of Shanghai. The both banks of the Huangpu River concentrate the marrow of Shanghai urban landscape, and you will have a wonderful night.

    Day 10 Shanghai

    After breakfast, drive to the Shanghai Museum. The main building follows the traditional Chinese architecture style. As one of the great four museums in China, it has 120,000 collections, of which, bronze wares, porcelain wares, paintings and calligraphies features most.

    Explore the Town God Temple, an important Taoist Temple with a history of 600 years. The street is also known as Old Town God Temple famous for Shanghai snacks. Then visit Yuyuan Garden, a private garden in Ming Dynasty. It is a typical classic garden in southern China. Beside, the street around Yuyuan Garden is one of the famous four cultural markets in China.

    Have a look around the most famous walking street, Nanjing Road in Shanghai. It boasts of the No.1 Business Street in China”. It is a place rich of traditional Chinese culture and high commercial value, where is not only the Paradise for Shoppers, but you can see the beautiful view of the Bund.

    Stroll along Xintiandi Area, the new landmark in Shanghai. It is rebuilt on the Shikumen architecture (Shanghai folk house), and now it develops as a fashionable area with repast, shopping, entertainment and culture as a whole. Xintiandi Area is the best place to experience historical culture and modern living pattern of Shanghai.

    Day 11 Shanghai

    Transfer you to Shanghai airport or railway station to prepare for your departure.

    End of service.

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    • The train ticket from Nanjing to Suzhou.
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    • Meal: Roast Duck.


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