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Speaking of a Chinese Zoo, Panda must be the first that pops up in your mind. So what are you waiting for? Come and see these lovely babies. Also Aquariums in China have all kinds of sea creatures and they even put on shows for you to watch.
Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant
Admission Price: CNY N/A   Opening Hours: N/A
Quanjude, Peking Duck Specialist since 1864, is the most famous roast duck restaurant in China. As a time honored brand, the restaurant is well known for its longstanding culinary heritage....
Donglaishun Hot Pot Restaurant
Admission Price: CNY N/A   Opening Hours: N/A
A Muslim restaurant established in 1903, Donglaishun is a time honored Hot Pot chain mainly serving Mongolian dishes. Its tender and delicious instant boiled mutton is famous all over china....
Yabuli Ski Resort
Admission Price: CNY 10   Opening Hours: 08:10-16:30
Address: about 20 kilometers southeast to Yabuli Town, Shangzhi City
Served as the comprehensive base of ski training and match and the primary training venue for China's national teams, Yabuli Ski Resort is biggest and best in China....
Beijing Aquarium
Admission Price:  CNY 120   Opening Hours:   09:00-17:30
Address:  No.18, Gaoliangqiao Byway, Haidian District (North end of Beijing Zoo)
The world's largest inland aquarium, Beijing Aquarium is part of Beijing Zoo. It is an ideal place to appreciate a wide range of fish species and watch shows p...
Shanghai Ocean Aquarium
Admission Price:  CNY 160   Opening Hours:   09:00-18:00
Address:  #1388 Lujiazui Ring Road, Pudong New District.
Known as one of the largest man-made ocean aquariums in the world, Shanghai Ocean Aquarium has received more than one million visitors every year since it was ...
Shenyang Forest Wild Zoo
Admission Price:  CNY 60   Opening Hours:   08:00-16:00
Address:  International Tourism Development Zone, Qipanshan Mountain, Shenyang City
Shenyang Forest Wild Zoo, a key tourism project, is a national well-known forest wild zoo with rare animals in it....
Shanghai Wild Animal Park
Admission Price:  CNY 130   Opening Hours:   8:00-17:00
Address:  #178 Nanliu Road, Nanhui District, Pudong New Area.
Shanghai Wild Animal Park, where collects more than 200 kinds of representative and rare animals from all over the world. It is the first national wild animal ...
Guiyang Forest Park
Admission Price:  CNY Free   Opening Hours:   8:00-17:00
Guiyang Forest Park is the No.1 city forest park in China. It is featured for its vast stretch of green forest and quiet natural scenery....
Blue Zoo Beijing
Admission Price:  CNY 110   Opening Hours:   8:00-20:00
Address:  South Gate of Workers' Stadium, Chaoyang District, Beijing
As the first aquarium in the city, Blue Zoo Beijing specializing in marine life has Asia's longest underwater walk through tunnel where you can enjoy underwate...
Beijing Zoo
Admission Price:  CNY 20   Opening Hours:   07:30-18:00
Address:  137 Xizhimenwai Dajie, Xicheng District
As the largest and earliest zoo in China, Beijing Zoo boasts the largest animal number of species in China including panda, elephants, monkeys, tigers, bears, ...
Chongqing Zoo
Admission Price:  CNY 30   Opening Hours:   08:00-18:00
Chongqing Zoo is the largest one in southwest China and it is a national breeding base of giant pandas, golden hair monkeys and south China tigers....
Hong Kong Ocean Park
Admission Price:  CNY 280   Opening Hours:   10:00-19:00
Address:  Ocean Park, Abeerdeen, Hong Kong Island
Hong Kong Ocean Park, a marine mammal park, oceanarium, animal theme park and amusement park, is one of the ten most popular theme parks all over the world. It...
Location:Hong Kong