Xiamen History

As an important city in the southeastern coast in China, Xiamen is one of the four special economic zones which are the earliest opening-up zones in China. Xiamen has been well known as an important foreign trade port in history and is also spoken highly by the former American president Nixon as the Oriental Hawaii.

In Ancient Times

In 282, Tongan County was built up, which belonged to Jingan Prefecture and was merged into Nanan County later on. In 909, Wang Shengzhi became the king of Min and Fuzhou was the capital. In 933, the Tongan County was managed by Quanzhou. In 949, Southern Tang (937-975) upgraded Quanzhou into Qingyuanjun which was changed into Pinghaijun in 963. In Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), this place was under the control of Quanzhou Government. In 1378, the Xiamen City was firstly built up and in 1650 and Zheng Chenggong set troops in Xiamen. And still in 1650, Simingzhou was set up and in 1680 it was abolished. In 1903, the Gulangyu in Xiamen became the public concession and till today, it is traditionally known in the West as Amoy.

In Modern Times

In 1933, People’s Revolutionary Government (the People’s Government of Fujian) set up the Xiamen special city, but in January of the next year, Xiamen special city and Xingquan Province were gradually cancelled. The county system was formed again in Xiamen. Xiamen and Tongan County both were managed by the Fujian provincial government.

Xiamen HistoryIn 1935 April, Xiamen City was set up, including Gulangyu and other 7 islands. From 1938 to 1945, this place was occupied by the Japanese. In 1945, October, the Xiamen city restored the system. After the victory of the Anti-Japanese War, the national government recovered the construction of Xiamen City, which was directly under the jurisdiction of Fujian Province. In 1949, October, Tongan County and Xiamen City got liberation and then Xiamen was managed by Fujian Province.

In Contemporary Time

In 1950, five districts such as Kaiyuan, Siming, Gulangyu, Xiagang and Heshan were set up and in 1953, Tongan County was added to Xiamen City. In 2003, the State Council approved that the administrative division of Xiamen City could be adjusted.

Today, Xiamen has become a popular tourist destination famous for the Gulangyu Island, beautiful landscapes and European buildings on the island.

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