Lao Mi Jia Pao Mo Guan

If  you  are  a  gourmet  to  find  the  budget  delicious  food,  this  restaurant  should  not  be  missed.  In  Xian,  the  tastiest  snacks  also  hide  in  the  unconspicuous  streets  and  lanes,  such  as  the  Lao  Mi  Jia  Pao  Mo  which  attracts  a  great  number  of  locals,  but  travelers  always  feel  difficult  to  find  it  from  the  bustling  Moslem  Street.  Compared  with  the  above  time-honored  restaurants,  this  small  restaurant  only  services  customers  the  unique  flavor  Pao  Mo  at  very  reasonable  price.

290 reviews Category Snack Ave Consumption $15 Tel: N/A Add: No.277, Bei Guang Ji Jie (namely Moslem Street), Lianhu District, Xian City
Lao Mi Jia Pao Mo Guan

[Pao Mo ]
How to get there: firstly, you have to get to the Moslem Street, namely, Bei Yuan Men. Then, find a parallel way to its west called Bei Guang Ji Jie, at the south end of which, you will find this always crowded restaurant. Of course, ask for help from locals is more convenient.