Suzhou Travel Guide


Famed for its beautiful gardens and traditional waterside architecture, Suzhou is recognized as Heaven on Earth. Undoubtedly, it is a hot tourist city in China.

Located in the south-east of Jiangsu Province, Suzhou is an important center for economic, foreign trade, industry and commerce. Neighboring to the East China Sea to the east, Yangtze River to the north, Suzhou is the throat of Shanghai because the Grand Canal and the Beijing-Shanghai Railway pass through the whole Suzhou which makes it an inevitable route to many big cities.

Suzhou has a long-last history as recorded for 4000 years. It is the cradle of Wu culture and it was officially used in AD589 during Sui Dynasty.


Zhouzhuang   Tiger Hill
                       Feng Qiao                                                           Tiger Hill

There has always been a level of elegance, grace and romance in Suzhou. The gardens there are famous throughout China. Humble Administrator's Garden is the most famous private gardens in China ? trees, rocks, water and pavilions ? strolling inside the garden you will feel comfortable and relaxed. Climb on Tiger Hill and appreciate the thousand year old pagoda. Wander in Lingering Garden and enjoy this remarkable scenery and architecture.

More Suzhou Attractions: Canglang Pavilion, Hanshan Temple, Shizilin Garden.


Known as one of the most visited cities in China, Suzhou has developed traffic, which is accessible by bus, by train and by ship. Direct trains and buses are available to reach Suzhou from most cities in China. Although Suzhou has no airport, it is very convenient to transfer a shuttle bus from Shanghai Hongqiao Airport. Pudong Airport or Wuxi Shuofang Airport. Besides, ship is another transportation tool to Suzhou owing to the Grand Canal from Beijing to Hangzhou. More about Suzhou Transportation>>

Suzhou Weather


Suzhou belongs to the monsoon climate, mild and humid with plentiful rainfall. The best time to visit Suzhou is from April to October. The weather is good despite a tendency to be rainy and the osmanthus trees blossom at this time, perfuming the entire city. Summers in Suzhou are hot and humid while spring time is pleasant but can be rainy too. Winters are surprisingly cold, made worse by the poor heating and lack of insulation in most buildings. So if you decide to come to Suzhou for the Chinese New Year, make sure you bring a lot of warm clothes. More about Suzhou Weather>>



Suzhou’s cuisine is very similar to that of Shanghai and is characterized by light flavors, sweet dishesSquirrel Shaped Mandarin Fish and an abundance of fish and shellfish. The signature Suzhou dish is the oddly named Squirrel Shaped Mandarin Fish. There are also some other dishes that are worth trying: Biluo Shrimp, Jiyou Caixin, Water Shield with Egg Flakes and Watermelon Chicken. Snacks like Suzhou Style Fresh Meat Moon Cake, Fengzhen Noodles, Dingsheng Cake, and Jinjin Dried Bean Curd can be easily found in the streets. All these food endows Suzhou a paradise for gourmets. More about Suzhou Food>>


Some famous old restaurants in Suzhou attract many people, especially along the traditional food streets, including Shiquqan Food Street, Fenghuang Food Street and Xueshi Food Street, where abounds in local snacks and featured dishes. In addition, delicacies from other cities and countries can also be found in Suzhou’s restaurants. Rated old restaurants involve Haung Tian Yuan, Song He Lou and Cai Zhi Zhai. More about Suzhou Restaurants>>


Suzhou is stuffed with all kinds of specialties and souvenirs. Famous for famous silk and embroidery, there is no reason to the Guanqian Street to have a look. Biluochun green tea, titled as tribute in China once was the favorite drinking for Emperor Qianlong. The locals also regard it as a healthy drinking for daily life. More about Suzhou Shopping>>


Apart from the gorgeous scenery of China private gardens, Suzhou also has colorful nightlife where you will go deeper into your cultural exploration. Watching Kunqu Opera has become a must-do activity for most travelers. Since drinking tea is a traditional customs in Suzhou, at night, you will find a lot of tea houses full of people enjoying the night. Shuang Zhao Lou, located in the Garden of Couple's Retreat, is a favorite place of local scholars. More about Suzhou Nightlife>>

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English Name: Suzhou
Chinese Name: 苏州 (su zhou)
Location: East of China
Province: Jiangsu
Latitude: 31°18' N
Longitude: 120°37' E
Time Zone: (UTC+8)
Area Code: 0512
Population: 10,470,000
Area: 8488 km2
Railway Station: Suzhou Railway Station