Where to Eat Authentic Shanghai Cuisine

Famous  Shanghai  restaurants  for  your  choosing.

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Where to Eat Authentic Shanghai Cuisine

shanghai-blue-sky-rotationalBlue Sky Rotational is the largest restaurant of its kind in the Far East, it changes its menu on a monthly basis to alternate special dishes from Japan, Southeast Asia, Europe and the Americas.
Address: 161 Changle Road.

shanghai-juelin-vegetarian-restaurantJuelin Vegetarian Restaurant is a famous vegetarian restaurant in Shanghai, it serves such special dishes as minced fish braised with wolf-berries, imitation duck meat and ham.
Address: 250 East Jinling Road.

shanghai-lu-bo-lang-restaurantLupolang Restaurant is Shanghai's most famous pastry shop selling dozens of light refreshments in both Shanghai and Lake Taihu pleasureboat styles. These include steamed buns stuff with mushroom and vegetable, stuffed buns with three kinds of sliced meat and vegetable, pyramid-shaped dumpling of glutinous rice and ham wrapped in reed leaves, and flaky cakes stuffed with jujube paste.
Address: 131 Yuyuan Road.