Longsheng Travel Guide


Close to the Guizhou border, Longsheng is the home to a colorful mixture of Dong, Zhuang, Yao and Miao cultures. The Dragon's Spine Rice Terraces and hot spring are being the most sacred sights.

Fenced in on all sides by mountains, the town of Longsheng is situated in the northeast of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, 100 km away from Guilin. It is a famous tourist spot that is well-known for enchanting scenery, a variety of local specialty products and a colorful panorama of local customs. With a total area of 2,538 square kilometers, the town is inhabited by people of the Yao, Miao, Dong, Zhuang and Han races.



Longsheng County is famous for Dragon Back Rice Terrace. Dragon Back Rice Terrace is reputed as “Top of World’s Terraces” and “World’s Wonder”. In addition to splendid terrace view, here is the gathering place of traditional ethnic folk customs.
Beautiful Longsheng
Ping’an Village is the seat of famous Dragon Back Rice Terrace. Dragon Back Rice Terrace is originated from Yuan Dynasty, and has a history of more than 650. Huangluo Yao Village within Dragon Back Rice Terrace Scenic Area keeps completely Yao folk culture, and it is famous for its clothing, long hair, songs and dances.

Longsheng Hot Springs National Forest Park is a perfect combination of the original ecology of nature and national culture, and Longsheng hot spring is the core of the park.

Yinshui Dong Village is a Dong village, and the symbolic architecture is Wind and Rain Bridge. Natural ecology in the village keeps well. Apart from charming scenery, there are traditional folk songs and ethnic dances performances.



Get in

To visit Longsheng, Guilin is the starting place. In general, visitors arrive in Guilin by all means of vehicles, and transfer bus in Guilin General Bus Station to Longsheng.

The common bus operates from 6:00 to 18:00, 15 minutes interval for each bus, and the ticket costs CNY13/person, and it needs about 3 hours.

The non-stop bus operates from 6:40 to 18:00, 40 minutes interval for each bus, and the ticket costs CNY16/person, and it needs about 2 hours.

If your destination is Dragon Back Rice Terrace, you do not make trouble to transfer buses, but take the bus directly to there in Guilin, and the cost is between CNY 20-30.

Get around

Longsheng County has convenient transport, and there are buses connecting towns in the county and counties around, as well as buses to scenic areas. The cost from Longsheng to Dragon Back Rice Terrace is CNY 7/person.



Located at the subtropical zone, the climate in Longsheng is pleasant all year round though the rainfall is abundant. The average temperature each year is 18.1°C which make winter not so cold the summer not so hot.


Food and Restaurant


local specialtiesThere are many specialties in this multinational place. A must-eat dish in Longsheng is Tuji (Y50/dish) which is cooked from the natural spring in Longji. Some bold visitors can risk the edible insects.

Wanjing Lou: offers accommodations and local dishes. Customers are respected to see the sunrise in the morning here. WIFI is available here.
Address: Dazhai County
Price: CNY50
Tel: 13877352218 13878353950

Moon Bay Restaurant
: specializes in local style cuisine.
Address: Ping’an Zhuang Village
Price: CNY40
Tel: 0773-7583016                                                                          



There are few hotels in Longsheng but a range of inns near the scenery area. When you return from the day’s outing, there are cheap to midrange accommodation, and even cheaper food at its lively night market.

Recommended Hotels

Paddy Inn
Address: TiantouZhai
Tel: 0773-7585655

Jinkengda Zhai Hotel
Address: Jinkeng Terrace Area
Tel: 0773-7585658

Quanjing Lou

Adress: B-district of Dazhai County
Tel: 0773-7585688


Local Culture

the locals in LongshengLongsheng is a gathering place of ethnic minorities, like Miao, Yao, Dong and Zhuang, which take 76% population of the whole county. Apart from the most famous Longsheng Hot Springs and Dragon Back Rice Terrace, ethnic culture is another attraction. Folk festivals well embody the ethnic cultures, such as Wind Preventing Festival for Yao in January 20th in the lunar calendar, Zhuang’ Song Festival in March 3rd, Miao’s New Year in October, Marriage Festival for Dong people in October and so on.


Tips for Travel

1. Driving your own car to Longsheng is the best choice for not missing some sights.
2. Don't miss the minority's Singing & Dancing in Longsheng.
3. Visitors are not allowed to go to the thick forest alone.
4. When you are treated to have sasanqua in local family, you need have three bowls once.
5. Inns near Dragon’s Spine Terrace need to be booked in advance.

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 Chinese Name: 龙胜
English Name: Longsheng (lóngshèng)
Location: Northeast of Guilin
Latitude: 25°78' N
Longitude:110° 02' E
Population: 170,000
Area Code: 0773
Zip Code: 541700
Time Zone: (UTC+8)