Crazy Yak Saloon

Crazy  Yak  Saloon  lies  next  door  to  Kirey  Hotel  on  Beijing  East  Road.  It  has  uniquely  Tibetan  decor  and  furnishings.  Tibetan  food  has  a  good  reputation  here  and  the  yak  meat  comes  recommended.  The  other  highlight  is  the  Tibetan  song  and  dance  show  from  19:30  to  20:30  every  evening.

232 reviews Category Others Ave Consumption $N/A Tel: (86-891)6336845 Add: No.101, on Beijing Dong Lu
Crazy Yak Saloon

[ Beef dish ]
Tibetan and Chinese Food in Crazy Yak Saloon is of good reputation.

[ While enjoying the yak banquet, you can also appreciate a small show there. ]