Tianhai Night Market

Tianhai  Night  Market  is  the  most  popular  and  busiest  night  market  in  Lhasa,  located  in  Minzu  Road  of  the  western  suburb  of  the  City,  having  been  developed  into  a  large  market  with  all  kinds  of  goods,  including  fashion  clothes,  articles  of  daily  use,  mobiles,  home  appliance,  handicrafts,  etc.  Productions  in  Tianhai  Market  are  cheaper  than  those  of  Barkhor  Street.

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Tianhai Night Market

[ Chuan'ers at Tianhai Night Market ]
Visitors from home and abroad are enchanted by the many stalls of snacks, fruits, and handicrafts lining the street.

Open: The business time of snacks lasts until 5:00 next morning from afternoon, while other shops and stalls run from 10 am to 12 pm approximately.