Beef and Mutton

Beef  and  mutton  are  rich  in  calories,  which  helps  people  living  on  the  Roof  of  the  World  to  keep  warm.  Tibetans  have  a  custom  of  eating  raw  meat.  If  you  go  to  a  herdsman's  or  a  farmer's  home,  you  will  see  the  air-dried  beef  and  mutton  hung  inside  the  house  or  tents.  The  host  will  invariably  treat  you  to  such  meat,  which  can  only  be  tasted  on  the  Plateau  of  Tibet.

Beef and Mutton

Tibetan people mainly eat beef, mutton and dairy-based food. They usually don't eat vegetables in the pastoral areas.

[ Beef sticks ]
As we all know that beef and mutton are high heat food, which help to live in high altitudes to withstand the cold.

Eat it Raw?

Interestingly, the Tibetan people have the habit of eating raw meat, some herdsmen home, you will see hanging inside a house or tent of the dried beef and mutton, if you go to these houses as guest, the owner will come up with dried beef and mutton to call you enjoy. This flavor can be tasted only on the Tibetan plateau.