Kashgar Food

Kashgar is a place where fuses a large mount of delicious delicacies. Tasty food is from soup to nuts, such as Roast Whole Lamb, shish kebab, stewed mutton, pilaf, Hand-pulled Noodles, naan, fried dough twist and so on which can be found in the food stalls and Sunday markets. Each of these can make tourists mouth-watering.

Pilaf, one of the traditional foods in Xinjiang, is usually regarded as treat to guest during festivals and weddings. Fried Dough Twist, a unique snack for the ethnic groups who believe in Islamism, tastes crisp and delicious. During the summer months there are huge heaps of melons and watermelons. Marvelously, they are cheap, tasty and refreshing.

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Known as a hometown of Uygur people, Kashgar cuisine features the Uygur cuisine which resembles the Central Asian and Turkic cuisine more than stereotypical Chinese food. Mutton is the most common food here which can be cook into many kinds of dishes, such as Roast Whole Lamb, Mutton Shashlik, and Double Boiled Mutton Soup and so on. In addition, rice, noodles, buns and vegetables are all the local favorite food. Tourists in Kashgar will have various options for Kashgar has proved a diverse and tasty introduction to the broader Chinese table.
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Historically named Ring Cake, Crisp Noodle is one of the famous traditional Uyghur foods, with brilliant yellow appearance and tasty crisp mouth feel. At every festival, such as the traditional Kurban Festival and Lesser Bairam, every Uygur family will cook it as a typical dish on the take to treat guests or as a present for relatives and friends. It is a kind of cylindrical fried food make from flour, which stands for the union and harmony and becomes an inevitable dish for celebrating festivals.
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Pilaf in Kashgar is a very popular staple food as well as one of the traditional foods in Xinjiang, with a variety of designs, including mutton pilaf, chicken pilaf, and vegetable pilaf and so on. It looks bright and tastes delicious with rich nutrition, thus, it is beloved by various ethnic groups in Kashgar. No matter in the festival, or wedding or funeral, the host will choose to cook pilaf as treat to guests. Usually, the host will invite guests to sit around at the bed which is blanketed with a clean table linen. After providing water for cleaning hands, pilaf is served and guests only need to grab to eat by hands from the tray.
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Historically named Stove Cake, Naan is the most popular and essential food for the Uygur, playing the similar role likes the northern steamed bun, the southern rice and the western bread. Flour is the main ingredient. It usually has many patterns as well as rich ingredients, such as oily naan, corn naan, sesame naan, meat naan and thin naan. Different naan is eaten in different occasions. Naan stuffed with meat is the most popular among local people, and oily naan is the daily food for Uygur family.
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Named Pythia Manta in Uygur language, Thin-skinned Steamed Stuffed Bun is a unique food in Kashgar, similar to the famous Goubuli Baozi in Tianjin. The skin is thin enough that when it is steamed it appears shinny and palatable. Stuffed with mutton and pumpkin filling, it tastes delicious and oily. Uygur people are used to eating it with Nang and pilaf. Whatever the methods they prefer, they like to spill appropriate ground pepper in order to add the appetite.