Jiuzhaigou Aba Travel Guide


Jiuzhaigou Aba is famous for its Jiuzhaigou Scenic Area, an untouched land reputed for its stunning scenery. It has been the wonderland for being explored by experts.

Located in the junction of Sichuan and Gansu, about 529.5km away from Chengdu, Jiuzhaigou Aba is a county listed as the World Natural Heritage. Covering an area of 5290 square kilometers, it is an ethnic region where more than 20 thousands minorities are living here.

At first, there were nine village gullies where the regions were for Tibetan and Qiang peoples for centuries. That’s why the whole zone is named “Jiuzhaigou”.


Jiuzhaigou Lakes       Jiuzhaigou in Winter

Jiuzhaigou Aba consists of two main attractions. Jiuzhaigou Scenic Area is one of the most popular scenic spots in China, a national geographic park and UN World Biosphere Reserve. It is known for its many multi-level waterfalls, colorful lakes, and snow-capped peaks. Its elevation ranges from 2,000 to 4,500 metres (6,600 to 14,800 ft). Jiuzhaigou is composed of three valleys arranged in a Y shape; they are Rize Valley, Zechawa Valley and Shuzheng Valley. Nearby is the Huanglong Scenic Area where scatters travertine banks, amazingly colorful ponds and travertine waterfalls and caves. What make comers breathtaking is that the colors of Huanglong’s waters consist of yellows, greens, blues and browns.

Other Jiuzhaigou Aba Attractions: Wolong Nature Reserve, Mounigou Valley.


To meet the need of more and more tourists, Jiuzhaigou’s airport, Jiuhuang Airport has started flights between Jiuzhaigou and Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing and Chengdu. There are shuttle buses arranged to the scenic areas from the airport. Trains are only accessible to Chengdu and visitors need to transfer a long distance bus to Jiuzhaigou Aba. In the scenic areas, sight-seeing buses are served. More about Jiuzhaigou Aba Transportation>>



Jiuzhaigou is an ideal place for nature exploring. Spring, summer and autumn are all good seasons to go. Autumn is the best time to visit. Visiting in winter is not suggested especially after a major snowfall, when the road gets slippery and it’s dangerous for cars to go through. More about Jiuzhaigou Aba Weather>>



Butter TeaAs a region for Tibetan and Qiang people, Jiuzhaogou Aba mainly serves local flavor food. Beef and mutton is their staple food though the cooking methods are a little different between the Tibetan and the Qiang. The Tibetans prefer the roasted beef with butter tea or yogurt as drinking food while the Qiang love spicy and sour dishes. Roast Whole Lamp is a main course for the locals during festivals celebration. Potato Cake (yangyuciba) is a kind of snacks that each family in the village can cook. More about Jiuzhaigou Aba Food>>



There are few restaurants in Jiuzhaigou Aba. Some Tibetan food can be tasted in each village where visitors can totally feel the local life. Due to the hard material transporting to the inner spots, food in Jiuzhaigou Nature Reserve is somewhat expensive. It is suggested to bring some food before entering the scenic spots. Remember to keep the scenic clean that do not litter here and there. More about Jiuzhaigou Aba Restaurants>>


Tibetan Embroidery
Qiang embroidery is very common in the Jiuzhaigou Aba, together with the Tibetan trinkets, such as Tibetan knives, Buddha beadsand bracelets. Jiuzhaigou Aba is abundant in producing some traditional medicines like Chinese caterpillar fungus, fritillaria and musk. Considering the quality, souvenirs are not advised to buy too much. More about Jiuzhaigou Aba Shopping>>


Nightlife in Jiuzhaigou Aba ends very early but it doesn’t mean that visitors who staying here at night will have no activities. Enjoying an exotic dancing and singing performance of local Tibetan and Qiang people is a good option. After a whole day‘s sightseeing, Bianbian Street is able to serve a relaxing night where has some Tibetan Coffee offered. More about Jiuzhaigou Aba Nightlife>>

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English Name: Jiuzhaigou Aba
Chinese Name: 九寨沟(Jiu zhai gou)
Government: Municipality
Province: Sichuan
Latitude: 32°53′-33°32′N
Longitude: 103°27′-104°26′E
Population: 623,400
Area: 529km²
Area code: 0837
Airport: Jiuhuang Airport