Chongqing Weather

Belonging to the subtropical moist monsoon climate, Chongqing is hot in summer, warm and foggy in winter. January is the coldest month with the average temperature of 7?(44°F), the hottest month is between July and September with the highest temperature recorded was 41? (106°F). Together with Wuhan and Nanjing, they are famous as “Three Furnaces”.

Four Seasons in Chongqing
Spring - One  of  the  best  times  to  visit  Chongqing.  It  starts  to  warm  up  and  it’s  not  as  windy  as  some  northern  China  cities.
Summer - It  is  very  hot  in  summer  and  because  it  is  close  to  Yangtze  River,  it  also  feels  very  humid  which  makes  it  even  hotter.
Fall - It  starts  to  cool  off  in  this  season  and  you  can  feel  some  cool  breeze  walking  outside.  Fall  is  one  of  the  best  seasons  to  visit  Chongqing.
Winter - It  is  not  as  cold  as  that  of  some  northern  China  cities.  But  it  is  also  not  as  warm  as  that  of  southern  China  cities.  The  lasting  foggy  days  make  Chongqing  "the  capital  of  fog".
Best Time to Visit

The  best  time  to  visit  Chongqing  is  spring  and  fall,  since  summer  is  always  too  hot  and  winter  is  cold.