Lao Fangzi Restaurant

If  you're  in  Chengdu  and  love  true  Szechuanese  (spicy)  food  and  don't  mind  an  environment  that  can  best  be  described  as  borderline  rowdy  (but  very  safe),  head  for  the  very  popular  local  restaurant  known  in  Chinese  as  Lao  Fangzi  ("The  Old  House").

256 reviews Category Sichuan Cuisine Ave Consumption $50 Tel: (86-28)87533399 Add: 289 Shuhan Road, YangXi Route, Chengdu
Lao Fangzi Restaurant

[ Inside the restaurant ]

[ Spicy chicken at Laofangzi Restaurant ]
Dishes include such favorites as hot and spicy eggplant, dry-fried green beans with garlic, Szechuanese noodles, steamed greens, pork-stuffed dumplings, tea duck, chicken with chili and peanuts.