Beijing Poly Theater

Beijing  Poly  Theater,  full  name  is  the  Beijing  Poly  Plaza  International  Theater,  it  has  first-class  facilities  and  management  service  in  China.  Designed  by  the  well-known  British  TT  International  Stage  Designing  Company  Ltd.,  The  Theater  can  host  performances  of  ballet,  opera  and  concert  as  well  as  large-scale  international  conferences  and  film  shows.  The  Ministry  of  Culture  graded  it  as  a  Type  A  theater  in  1998.

600 reviews Category Others Ave Consumption CNY480 Tel: (86-10)65001188 Add: No.14, Dongzhimen St. Dongcheng District
Beijing Poly Theater

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What shows are good there?

The Poly Theater has featured original modern dances such as "Wild Zebra," "Tibetan Antelope," and the drama "The Capper."

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It has hosted many grand events such as International Jazz Week, National Yinghuang Cup Singers Contest, 97 Hong Kong Return Party, Spring Festival Party sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and CCTV and Beijing International Film Week.