Beijing Kung Fu Show

The  fantastic  "The  Legend  of  Kung  Fu"  is  presented  by  China  Heaven  Creation  International  Performing  Arts  Co.,  Ltd.  (CHC)--  China's  leading  performance  art  production  company.  CHC  has  collected  a  group  of  the  best  Kung  Fu  practitioners  of  China  and  invited  the  best  directors  and  designers  of  the  country.  The  show  is  a  must-see  production  in  Beijing  for  tourists  and  Kung  Fu  lovers.

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Beijing Kung Fu Show

[ Amazing Kung Fu Show ]
The Legend of Kung Fu focuses on a young boy found wondering outside an ancient temple somewhere in China.

[ Modern Kung Fu Show  ]
The modern dancers have mixed elements of Kung Fu into their performance and the Kung Fu performers have adopted some of the modern dance actions.